About Beth Diaz

Family and wedding photography Beth Diaz's passion for capturing the world through photos stretches back many years.

She first began shooting seriously in the late ‘90s while living in Johannesburg, South Africa. It also began her passion for street photography, as it allowed her to meet people and experience things she never would have otherwise.

Upon moving to Washington, DC in 2003, Beth decided to take her photography to the next level by completing extensive coursework in photography, including time at the Santa Fe Workshops.

As a wedding family photographer, Beth's goal is to capture the day's events as the couple and guests experience it, shooting in a photojournalistic style.   Beth's continued love for street photography shows in her professional work. She believes that the most important part of photography is capturing people's personalities and showing life as it happens.  

In her life outside of photography, Beth is a graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Business School, and currently works as the Vice President of Audience Development and Analytics at The Washington Post.